Exploring Alaska's Kenai Fjords Guidebook

Exploring Alaska's Kenai Fjords Guidebook

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Special Destinations (Overview)

Kenai Fjords National Park

State Marine Parks

Resurrection Bay

Aialik Bay (KFNP)

Day Harbor

Day Harbor Maps

Northwestern Fjord (KFNP)

Nuka Island (KBSP)

Kenai Fjords Maps

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Special Destinations:

Eldorado Narrows

Resurrection Bay is the main gateway into the Kenai Fjords. Lower Rez Bay offers four Alaska Marine State Parks accessible by boat, water taxi or kayak. Camping is permitted. Eldorado Narrows photo (right).

Each marine park presents a unique adventure opportunity on the outer coast. Popular Rez Bay destinations include Sandspit Marine Park on Fox Island, Thumb Cove Marine Park, Kayaker Cove, Eldorado Narrows, Caines Head Recreation Area, Bear Glacier and Cape Resurrection.

Resurrection Bay Photos

Day Harbor, East shore

Day Harbor is noted for its towering sea cliffs along Resurrection Peninsula. Places of interest include the Alaska State Marine Parks located in Driftwood Bay and Safety Cove.

The semi-protected and heavily wooded eastern shore of Day Harbor is blessed with two excellent anchorages: Bowen Anchorage and Anchor Cove. At the harbor's head lies the Ellsworth Valley and the icy terminus of Ellsworth Glacier (left). The land-based glacier has retreated nearly 5 miles, up the valley, since it was first surveyed by the USGS in 1909.

Day Harbor Maps / Photos

Cliff Bay, Aialik Bay Photo

Aialik Bay lies in the heart of the Kenai Fjords National Park.

Top destinations within Aialik Bay include Verdant Cove, Coleman Bay, Holgate Arm, Aialik Glacial Basin, Abra Cove and Pedersen Lagoon area. The rockbound seascape at Cliff Bay (right) is at the N. entrance to Aialik Bay. An inaccessible shoreline, with only a handful of reliable landing beaches exist in the lower Bay. A short W-facing pocket beach near the head of Bear Cove provides the best camp area in lower Aialik Bay. The KFNP provides a bear proof food locker at the Bear Cove camp site.

Aialik Bay Photos

Northwestern Fjord

Northwestern Fjord is a great place to explore. Hike the outwash beaches and tide lands in the morning and paddle among bergy bits in the evening.

In summer, hundreds of harbor seals and dozens of sea otters inhabit the icy fjord. Best exploring spots include: Otter Cove, Ribbonfall Cove, and areas around Northwestern, Anchor and Ogive Glaciers. Northwestern Fjord is more remote and less visited than Aialik Bay. The rapidly retreating glacier ice in the Kenai Fjords is most obvious in Northwestern Fjord, where the remaining tidewater glaciers are balanced, on the thin-edge of pulling onto land. Visitors to NWF should note that weather delays are possible even in summer.

Northwestern Fjord Map / Photos

Berger Bay, Nuka Island

Nuka Island (the largest island on the Kenai Peninsula) is a part of the Kachemak Bay State Park.

The entire Nuka Bay area including; Nuka Island and Nuka Passage are among the most desirable places to explore. Scores of reliable landing beaches afford good access and wilderness camping. The Nuka Bay region is legendary for its abundance of eagles, seals, and former gold mines.

Nuka Island Map / Photos