Exploring Alaska's Kenai Fjords Guidebook

Exploring Alaska's Kenai Fjords Guidebook

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Special Destinations (Overview)

Kenai Fjords National Park

State Marine Parks

Resurrection Bay

Aialik Bay (KFNP)

Day Harbor

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Northwestern Fjord (KFNP)

Nuka Island (KBSP)

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Resurrection Bay

Thumb Cove, Resurrection Bay

Thumb Cove (right) stands out as one of the most spectacular and accessable kayak base camps in Resurrection Bay. It's located 8 nautical miles south of Seward on the eastern shore of Rez Bay. Across Rez Bay from Thumb Cove is Caines Head State Recreation Area, where the State provides a boat mooring and camping area on North Beach.

Thumb Cove State Marine Park occupies the cove's head and most of the south beach area. Excellent camping can be found in the Spruce and Alder forest behind the beach berm. The State of Alaska also has a Public Use Cabin on the South Beach area.

Sandspit Point, State Marine Park, Alaska

Fox Island's Sandspit Point State Marine Park (left) is a terrific base camp destination. Sandspit Lagoon is a good spot to see waterfowl, sea otters, ravens and eagles.

Fox Island is the largest of the 5 Resurrection Bay Islands located at the entrance of the bay. Sandspit Point sits adjacent to Eldorado Narrows and the remarkable basalt sea cliffs of Resurrection Peninsula.

Callisto Head and Bear Glacier

Located in lower Resurrection Bay, Bear Glacier (right) is 12 miles long and is one of the largest glaciers draining from the Harding Icefield. Its terminus sits in an iceberg-filled glacial lake, two miles from tidewater.

For safety reasons, I recommend hiring a water taxi or Kayak guide service to access Bear Glacier Lake. Note: a dangerous shallow bar that accentuated the gulf swell at the stream entrance can create hazardous sea conditions, especially during an ebbing tide.

Pillar Point, Resurrection Bay

Pillar Point is located in lower Resurrection Bay where scores of scenic rock islets and pinnacles jut from the sea.

The inhospitable islets and perpendicular cliffs provide perfect habitat for an abundant collection of marine birds. The lower bay is exposed to the open ocean and a swell is almost always present. Bottom fishing for halibut and trolling for silver salmon are favored activities in lower Resurrection Bay.