Exploring Alaska's Kenai Fjords Guidebook

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Nuka Island (Map)

Berger Bay, Nuka Island

As mariners enter Nuka Passage from the north, the waterway narrows as the gulf swell fades and a few pocket beaches and islets stand out along the mainland shore. The terrain takes on a different character: the rugged sea cliffs are gone, replaced with spruce trees growing to the tideline. Berger Bay waterfront (right) provides ample locations to explore.

Petes Cove, Nuka Passage

When exploring the nooks and crannies along the island's western shore, like near Petes Cove (left), the water depth is often less than 10 fathoms with many reefs and rock piles to avoid. Keep a close-eye on your depth sounder. Nuka Passage is used by small boats as well as offshore vessels to escape foul weather when traveling the Kenai outer coast

Mikes Bay, Nuka Island

Mikes Bay (right) is named for Smokehouse Mike, a homesteader who lived in the bay from 1918-1921. Mike built a warehouse at the bay's head where he operated a distillery. At the head of Mikes Bay are a choice of picturesque camping spots. One site is located at the conspicuous haul out beach, near the mouth of the east inlet.