Exploring Alaska's Kenai Fjords Guidebook

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Day Harbor

Ellsworth Glacier, Day Harbor

In 1787, Captain Portlock sailed the outer coast and marked a 2.5-nm wide bay on his chart and named the location Day's Harbor...Today, the harbor is a destination for mariners looking for more-protected waters with a choice of secure anchorages and State Marine Parks.

The rugged Resurrection Peninsula forms the western shore of the harbor. Two secure anchorages lie along the harbor's eastern shoreline - Anchor Cove and Bowen Anchorage. Davidson Point (right) is located at the S entrance to Driftwood Bay.

Driftwood Bay State Marine Park is a good destination in mild weather, but the bay should be avoided by boaters when strong E or SE winds are present.
Bootlegger Cove, Day Harbor

Bootleg Cove (left) and lagoon are hidden wonders of Day Harbor. Bootleg Cove is a tiny indention with an sandy landing beach for kayaks and inflatables.

Vessels should not attempt to enter the small, shallow cove, but instead, find anchorage outside the cove, and only during periods of calm weather. Adjacent to Bootleg Cove is Bootleg Lagoon, about 40 acres in size and surrounded by a wetland area.

The lagoon is seldom visited by humans and is a great place to observe waterfowl like merganser, harlequin, and goldeneye ducks. River otters, eagles, dog salmon, and black bears are abundant in fall.

Ellsworth Glacier

Ellsworth Glacier (right) dominates the head of Day Harbor's Ellsworth Valley. This land-based glacier has retreated about 4 miles from where it was first surveyed by the USGS in 1909.

In the past century, not only has Ellsworth Glacier continued a steady retreat up the valley floor, but also the glacier's surface elevation and thickness have greatly diminished. An iceberg-laced lake sits at the glacier's ice terminus. See: Day Harbor Maps