Exploring Alaska's Kenai Fjords Guidebook

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Day Harbor

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Day Harbor Maps

Day Harbor Maps

 Day Harbor Map

A sailors first visual contact with Day Harbor (right) is usually along the precipitous southern end of Resurrection Peninsula between Cape Resurrection and Driftwood Bay. Here the 4 mile-long seacoast echoes with the roar of surf and cries of seabirds against a scenic display of eroded sea caves, rock pinnacles, and talus piles. Day Harbor has two State Marine Parks and is  located 25 miles, by boat, from Seward.

Day Harbor Map

Head of Day Harbor

Ellsworth Valley is a glacial moraine covered plain with a thick spruce and alder forest, punctuated by patches of lichen covered clearings. The beach has a grand view down Day Harbor. The glacial stream, at the west end of the beach marks the best route to Ellsworth Lake. A loosely marked trail (survey tape) lies along the stream's east bank.

Bootleg Cove Map

Bootleg Cove

A local legend claims that during the prohibition era, a Seward saloon owner operated a secret whiskey still in Bootleg Cove. To reach the lagoon from the Bootleg Cove requires a short, less than 100 yard, hike across the wooded peninsula to the lagoon's shore. In fall, chum salmon enter the lagoon to spawn. Black bears are commonly seen in the lagoon area.