Kenai Fjords Marine Guidebook

Exploring Alaska's Kenai Fjords by David Wm. Miller

Comprehensive Marine Guidebook

Plan the 2016 Summer with the original Kenai Fjords Guidebook...since 1984 (Amazon 5 Star!)

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Guidebook to the Kenai Fjords

Complete coverage of the intricate 750 nautical mile long Kenai Fjords seacoast from Port Bainbridge to Port Dick, including Resurrection Bay, Aialik Bay, Northwestern Fjord, Nuka Island and the Kenai Fjords National Park.

EXPLORING ALASKA'S KENAI FJORDS is ideal for trip planning or use as a resource manual to the entire Kenai outer coast. The guidebook is divided into three parts:

Part I: Introduction to the Kenai Fjords

comprises five chapters with emphasis on special destinations for the mariner. These selections identify the most popular and unique places as well as abundant wildlife locations.

Part II: History of the Kenai Fjords

Aialik Glacier

looks at the area's history beginning with the physical forces shaping the region 40 million years ago. It also introduces the indigenous Sugpiaq Eskimo, the first dwellers of the fjords, and the Russian fur traders and English explorers who charted the Kenai Fjords seacoast.

Part III: Marine Guide to the Kenai Fjords

includes thirteen chapters with 40 regional maps, as well as local tips to mariners about weather, wildlife, anchorages, tidal lagoons, camp sites, beach combing hot spots and reliable kayak haulout beaches along the Kenai Fjords seacoast.

Exploring Alaska's Kenai Fjords (ISBN 0-9613954-1-9), includes 40 Kenai Fjords maps, 130 photographs, along with a raft of pertinent North Gulf Coast information tucked into 300 pages. If you are planing to spend time exploring the Kenai Peninsula outer coast in a boat or kayak...You can't find a better reference manual for the area.

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